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Offering you The latest and most up to dated Themes that are designed perferctly to work for your business. At SPDC webdesign and host offers exactly what it say in the name tiltle, WEBDESIGN, AND HOSTING. you can simply ask us to do the whole lot for you and its hasle free for you, or if your a bit more advanced with the understaning of website building you can simply choose from hundeds of elegant designed wordpress themes. or if you wish to just use one our hosting package services, SPDC can provide the full service. we provide a bespoke service and what ever your requirement please contact us and we will be happy to help. 

​​Why should your website be mobile ready? Because those visiting your site need it to be.

What web-enabled ‘device’ are you using to view this website – a desktop PC or a laptop perhaps? Statistically speaking, at least 50% of you are viewing it using a touch-based mobile device such as a Smartphone or Tablet. And that percentage is only set to increase, making desktop and laptop users a minority when it comes to those visiting any website.
Research by Google, that even now is over a 4 years old (Feb 2016), shows a massive increase in Smartphone usage, with the UK having the highest increase of all. Similar increases are repeated with Tablet usage. The results of Google’s research is reflected in many other surveys.
What is more important to realise though, is that the Smartphone is an ‘always on’ device, making the Web accessible at all times from virtually anywhere. Smartphone users have their device with them all day, everyday, wherever they go.

Websites designed for Desktop and Laptop PCs (90% of websites) do not work well when viewed on Smartphones or many Tablets. Mobile users are constantly having to pinch and zoom in order to read a site’s content, whilst navigation links can be impossible to target (touch based devices use fingers to activate links, not a mouse cursor). Overall this makes for a frustrating, unpleasant experience for the mobile user.
           Loading speed is fast and designed purely for speed and                  design, responsive to all details and media.
           The colors and media are all high in definition even if your              current pictures can be enhanced to stand out.
           with hundreds of WordPress themes to choose from to                  make your business stand out.
          Fully customized for your business, you tell us how you                   want it and we will tell you if we can build it.
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